Oak Tree Subdivision Amenities Oak Tree Subdivision Amenities


Oak Tree’s many features and resident amenities make it an exceptional private, residential development.

the clubhouse at oak tree

The Clubhouse

The spacious Resident’s Clubhouse, approximately 3700’ Square Feet, is nestled in a tree-lined cove. It, features multiple outside entertainment areas with 2 separate fireplaces, a great room with fireplace and vaulted ceiling, serving kitchen, exercise and activity room, conference room, restrooms/changing areas and covered balcony overlooking the pool and grounds.

The Pool

The swimming pool is over-sized and professionally designed to meet the diverse needs of the residents. The free-form pool has a beach entry for small children and ample age-appropriate areas for children and adults. The pool area features a large deck and entertainment areas with furniture, umbrellas and lighting.

Pool at Oak Tree Community
the tennis/sport court at oak tree community

The Sport Court

The sport court and playground provide year round activities for the whole family. Play a game of tennis with your neighbors while your children play, well within your sight, on the nearby playground equipment.

The Gym

Exercise is important for you and your family.  Our community gym is complete with treadmills, free weights, exercise balls, elliptical machine, and more right within a short walk from your home in Oak Tree.

The gym at Oaktree
Playground at Oak Tree Community

The Playground

Laughter and the squeals of happy children can be heard coming from the community playground – the fun place for your children to gather, meet new friends, and get some exercise.  Complete with monkey bars and slide, the playground is within sight of the community pool and sport court so you can keep an eye on your little ones.

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